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Discover Your Healer Within

Everyone has the gift of healing within themselves. In this free webinar you will discover how to unlock your own inner healing abilities through energy healing.

December 1, 2023
1:00pm Atlantic Time


In this free webinar you will discover:

  • The basics of energetic healing
  • Energy healing tools and techniques
  • How to care for your spiritual and energetic well-being
  • An introduction to your energetic field and chakra system
  • Tips and best practices for healing yourself
  • How to develop your own intuition and healing abilities


This webinar is for spiritual seekers who are interested in healing the deepest layers of themselves – the level of spirit or energy. In this unique webinar Susanne and Kelsey will discuss many topics including:
how to embrace your healing gifts, setting healthy boundaries, protecting your energy, and so much more!

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Meet your hosts

Kelsey Kuehl is an international energy healer, shamanic practitioner and Reiki Master from the USA.

Susanne Kooijman is a self-healing coach and mentor from The Netherlands.

Watch the webinar

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